Monday, August 25, 2008

Disclaimer: Please Read

As one of a zillion bloggers on the web, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that we are a community that LOVES to talk (write) about just about anything. StreetFishing is primarily interested with personal evangelism and issues effecting today's evangelical christian church. We link to many other blogs and web sites that share our interests. Part of the reason to do this is to increase circulation of this blog. In return, those blogs and web sites often return the favor by linking to us, thus increasing their circulation. Just one of those things us bloggers do to help us get heard.

Although I take a good amount of care in being selective in what blogs and web sites I link to, I cannot be in any way responsible for what they post. Neither this ministry, nor I personally necessarily agree with or endorse all comments, blogs or articles posted by those entities that I link to. This includes any and all contributing authors.

Please use your own God-given discernment with what you read. If you find anything objectionable or what you may think is inconsistant with this blog/ministry, by all means pass it along to Robert for further review and possible removal.

1 Comment:

Jennifer said...

Wise decision and good idea. :)


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